Feed Screw Micrometers

Flite Technology
Digital Flite Micrometers

Flite Technology's digital FLITE MIKES provide the ultimate in operational ease. There is virtually no way to miscalculate or misread this micrometer. Although the conventional thimble and sleeve may not be read frequently, they are incorporated in this series to verify the digital counter's reading. Now a single operator can accomplish flite measurements and log the data directly to a computer for further analysis,or print out the data on a printer for a permanent record.

MAJOR FEATURES Can't get the higher powers to be to break away with enough funds to go first class? Call about, demos, used or generic import digital flight micrometers.
You might also want to call about the possibility of getting a free Flite Mike with your next new or rebuild screw or barrel order.
Rental units are also available. We also repair Flite Mikes and make custom micrometers for special applications. We are the first name in micrometers for interrupted outside diameters. Digital depths micrometers with bars to span screw flights for flight depths are also available.